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About company

Press-molds and dies designing begins when You give source information which can be in the form of:
- piece simulator, imported from any 3D CAD system;
- graphic work - in that case our specialists design its three-dimensional mould;
- piece model - in that case with coordinate inspection machine we make digitization of Your piece and create three-dimensional  mould and possibly model master production of future product of special model polyurethane.

Our specialists perform press-molds designing in CAD/CAM/CAE in CIMATRON E7.0 system using normalized pieces of DME-EOC standard. This way of designing allows to carry out computer simulation of press-mold work-process and excludes possible defects of future products. After concordance of construction documentation with You we begin press-mold production. Our enterprise is equipped with the most modern five-coordinate electric-spark machines “Charmilles (Robofill 240 L and Roboform 35P)” with working accuracy to 4 microns, 3-coordinate and 4-coordinate milling machines “MAHO” and “Rolland”. Our production also includes workshop of thermal treatment equipped with automatic control furnace “Eurovan”. High-tech instrument “Hanita” and “Mitsubishi” allows to provide metal working with high productiveness and quality.  Every production stage includes close quality control of all pieces which fully excludes down state of press-mold or deviation from adjusted draft dimension. After press-mold assembling we test Your or our own equipment and produce (at Your will) experimental production lot. We guaranty the quality of our output goods and secure service backup in operating period.

Company “Omis-technic” also carries out repairs and maintenance for manufacture of plastic products with production and change of forming pieces